” Pathetic attitudes are not in keeping with greatness “.

“ I’d rather be hated for who I am , than loved for someone I’m not . I’m definitely not perfect , but work with what I’ve got . I can be stubborn and maybe a little too bold ; when life gets rough , I don’t give up , instead , I take hold . I’m passionate about life and love to dream – yep I’m exactly who I want to be . My heart is open wide , with plenty of room to grow . You can take me as I am , or watch me as I go . .” – Tonia Byers

Hm , I’d like to think that this sums me up quiet well . .
But I’m not so sure now after reading it over again .

I’m incredibly tired , though I got a fair amount of sleep last night . Woke up early – around eight ish or so – , took Eliot to school , then spread out on the couch , where I laid for quite some time . I’m too lazy for my own good , ha . I vow to buy a Wii Fit , though everyone around me reckons I’ll use it once and never use it again . Which in my case , is probably correct .

I went bike riding about a month or two back , thinking it would be easy to get back into riding again . But boy , was I wrong . . I road down to the Olympic Pool , which is literally a five or ten minute walk from my house , and I was completely screwed . I think walks might be the better option for now .

Thunder thighs , away !


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