Avalanche , oh Avalanche . .

So apparently I’m not so innocent ?

This is probably the first time in my life I’ve ever been in serious trouble . Not once in school , not once by my parents . . serious trouble , worthy of a written warning .

Okay , so it might not be that big a deal , but work seems to think so . I just hope to god Clare doesn’t find out . Handing out a few extra scratchies , and bam ! Written warning . Sure , I know I wasn’t meant to , but a written warning ? I thought it was a little over the top for something so minor ? So now its a waiting game – to see if Big Boss Clare finds out . . And if so , apparently I could loose my job ? Eh . Why was I so stupid ? Or maybe not stealth enough ? ha .

But yes , I knew it was wrong . . but hm . . We all make mistakes ? Even as silly as mine . Surely I couldn’t possibly loose my job over that ???  At least I’m hunting for a new job as we speak . Hungry Jacks equals HUGE fail .

I’m not liking this weather at all .
I miss Summer time .
And the sunshine .
And the late nights out .
And the late morning sleep in’s .
And the laughter , oh . . the sweet sound of summer atmosphere .
Hurry up December .

Though , rugging up is never a bad feeling . It’s quite cozy I suppose . Maybe a trip to Cradle Mountain is in order ? All I have is childhood memories of that place . . Getting bogged in my sisters van . . The mountain walks . . I do miss it , terribly .

By the way , I love deers .


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4 responses to “Avalanche , oh Avalanche . .

  1. Ok, just stumbled across your blog. I like it. Right out of your demographic etc but just wanted to give you heaps of encouragement. Keep it up, love your writing and quirkiness , well done.

    Cheers frank ( found you via the cradle mountain reference- google alerts)

    • thanking you very much mr frank sir , i really apprieciate it :)
      this is a way for me to express myself , and its nice to know people find it somewhat interesting ha .
      again , thank you :)

      kara x

  2. No worries Kara,
    Hey , have you thought about adding a “subscribe by email” thingy (Feedburner is best) Then your “followers” can get an email when you put up a new post!
    Cheers (more a Dylan man myself)
    oop, saw site update button below, will see if that works

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