Ohh la la . .

What is this madness ?
It doesn’t matter what I do to try and solve the problem . .
. . my toes just never seem to be warm .

I was a little bit creative this morning , well , not overly . . I couldn’t find my white and black flower pin for my hair . So , I decided to use the peachy coloured flower that broke off from one of my necklaces . Found a hair slide , attached it to my headband , and presto ! New hair piece for Kara ! I think it’s rather funky to be honest .

I’m currently waiting for 12:13pm to hit – 12:13pm because it will take be a couple of minutes for me to get out to the car and leave of my drive way , leaving me ten minutes to gradually get to East Devonport , and another five minutes to wait for Laura to come out for her lunch break . I think this is a flawless plan – hasn’t failed me once . You see , Laura likes me to be on time . . so shes not sitting around wasting her lunch break away . And she’s just a tad fussy on days , ha . And I guess it’s always good to be early , ay ? So yes , lunch with the bestie . . Though I’m not that hungry to be honest ? Coffee perhaps ?

It’s currently 12:02pm .
I don’t know what to do for the next eleven minutes .
Maybe just indulge myself with some Vera Lynn .
Ohhh la la (:

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