You’re the apple of my eye . .

First night back at home again , in about , hmm . . well , quite some time . The days have kinda of escaped me lately . I’m forever staying at Le Garcons , but I like it that way . Of course , I miss Mum and the rest dearly , though , I’m gaining my independence I suppose . Preparing me for the day I finally move out . Which perhaps might be sooner than anticipated ?

It’s be on the cards for a little while now , a month or more , for me to move into Eliot’s , seeings as I practically already live there – it’s my second home . Though am I really ready ? Some may say we are rushing things , but we both think it’s the best idea we’ve come up with , ha . It would be rather nice though . I miss not waking up to him in the mornings . And his cuddles in bed . . *sigh* . I think I shall dwell on this idea for a little longer and see how things pan out .

I don’t really know what else to say at the moment . I need to start thinking about my health I think . I need to start eating right . . exercising more . . the lot . As well , no more cigarettes for Kara . Thought , this plan is bound to fall through by tomorrow morning .
Blast .


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