Thank you Mr Frank , Sir . .

It took me three days to realize I had a comment on one of my blogs . .
I really need to pay attention to the smaller things I’d say .

The comment said :

” Ok, just stumbled across your blog. I like it. Right out of your demographic etc but just wanted to give you heaps of encouragement. Keep it up, love your writing and quirkiness , well done. Cheers frank ( found you via the cradle mountain reference- google alerts) ” .

This really put a smile on my face . I didn’t think many people would be remotely interested in anything I had to say , ha . But thank you ever so much , Frank . You’re words really lifted my spirits , and the encouragement is most appreciated . And thank you for calling me quirky (:

I listed yesterday a few things I hoped to accomplish today . .
Unfortunately , I failed every single task I set *sigh* .

Today , I went for lunch with Mum and my brother . It was a nice change , seeings as we haven’t been out together in a while . We all even tried our luck on the pokies – with all of us winning our few dollars back in the end .

Apart from lunch , I didn’t get up to much else . Took Eliot to work , and have been sitting on my ass ever since . I need to do something more with myself .
I need this new job , urgently .


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One response to “Thank you Mr Frank , Sir . .

  1. A pleasure kara,
    Keep it up Ms Quirky!

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