Happy Birthday , Craigles .

Its my brothers 22nd today , but I feel terrible for not buying him anything . He’s a computer nerd at heart , which makes it more difficult , ’cause I don’t know which games he likes , or already has . He’s a fairly private and reserved young man . But thank you Mykal and McKay for the help (:

Tonight we’re hoping to go out for tea and this nice little Indian place in town – the food is absolutely amazing .

Oh , by the way . . Eliot and I moved into our new room a couple of nights ago – at last ! And its amazing ! Its quite a large room I suppose , with wooden board walls and roof , two dull lights ,  sliding glass doors , a door that hasn’t been open in about twelve or more years , and some cozy carpet . The dull lights aren’t a bad thing , I might add . It makes it more homey I find .

We’ve started arranging things around , after moving the basic essentials in ; cupboards , clothes,  computer , stereo , and of course Eliot’s guitar and amp . It’s starting to look quite awesome , if I do say so myself (:

I think I might go have a nice hot bath .


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday , Craigles .

  1. I didn’t know you had a wordpress :D *is Mykal* Hehe enjoy your bath, that sounds awesome, I want one now >_< haha

    • nor did i know you had a wordpress , ha :D
      bath ended up being a quick shower .
      was rushed , blahhh (n) .
      i went into eb games , and they didnt have any expansion packs for dragon age .
      but , i bought him the Bio Shock 2 pack , and he loved it :) haha .


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