Welcome to Maggie’s World . .

Yesterday , a few friends and I made a long trip to Launceston – although , it’s not all that far away I guess . Its about an hour and fifteen minutes drive away from Devonport . The main reason for our somewhat long road trip was to see our friends play a gig at The Hub , a local backpackers and bar in the heart of Launceston .

On our journey over , we had a pit stop at Eli’s mums house in Weetah , between Elizabeth town and Deloraine . Eli’s mum is a true hearted hippy , and is one of this coolest , most easy going fifty year old around . As well , her house is absolutely breathe taking – a real relaxing feel . And I’m glad I took a few photos to put on here as well (: However they’re all very poorly taken , with no skill at all , ha .

Welcome to Maggie’s house (: Some of you might think its a bit shabby from first glance , but I tell you , it’s my dream home . It’s such a cozy and welcoming place . They have a crazy amount of land , filled with towering trees and also a little creek down from the house . Maggie also has her own art studio on the other side of the yard , although I didn’t manage to get any photos . Every single room is completely unique , and varies every month or so when she has a sudden burst of creativity .

This is the front on the main house , complete with a cute vintage lamp , an old picnic table , little decorations here and there , and an old boat sail that’s been put up as a veranda . Whenever we’re up here , this is where we reside for the majority of our stay . To sit , talk , laugh , and be .

This is the ever-so-lovely lounge room . Made up with the usual basics , as well as plenty of comfy cushions and seats to sit on , and the drumming equipment . What type of hippies would they be if they didn’t create their own music , ay ? (: Wednesday night is drumming night at Maggie’s , where a large group come and play , sing , and just have a tremendous amount of fun . Oh , I forgot to mention , Maggie belly dances ! Awesome , yes ?

This is probably one of my favourite rooms of the house . Not because it’s a bathroom , but because it’s just absolutely beautiful . There are plants growing in a large hand made flower bed , as well as plants being sat all around the room . A nice place to just unwind and relax .

This is my type of ‘home’ .


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