Ohh , you’re so naive . .

It makes me kind of furious when people rage at you and tell you you’re a horrible friend , when it’s completely hypocritical and they pretend that everything is all hunky dory the following day . You’re messing with my head !

Last night – Devonport Rock Challenge . And it was a rather enjoyable night . Got to listen to some pretty neat bands and two pieces , rocked out with my c . . [ curls out ? ] , and our darling Vincent paraded his manly bits along the infamous King Street . Okay , it wasn’t that bad . . He has his pants down . But to us [ not to all ] was a hilarious sight . Unfortunately he was a little too intoxicated for the likings of the security guards . . Not long after , the police arrived . . None the less , I had a blast . Eliot had a blast . We all had a blast .

After coming home , feeling rather exhausted , Eliot decided we should move the the TV in our room . And what a stupid idea that was . Smart ? I suppose , yes . But this TV is huge ! I mean , I seriously think I put my back out from moving it the whole ten or so meters from the rumpus room to our room . Or , maybe I’m just getting old . .

Have you heard much by The Kooks ? I suggest you check them out if you haven’t . They’re pretty catchy (:

Good luck Eliot with you music exam today . Much love , bubba .


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