You’re my Kurt Cobain to my Courtney Love . .

Ohhh , my current loves . .
The long list of . .

Long hair; Though I wish mine was uber long . .
Polaroid and Holga camera’s; I would much love one of each , please .
Good gigs with a good atmosphere; Quite stoked for Psycroptic soon .
Port Royal; I desperately need to buy . .
Le Garcon; I’ve never loved so deeply .
You’re my Kurt Cobain to my Courtney Love .
Leather; jackets, pants, the lot . .
Red lipstick; despite it looking hilarious on myself .
My ladies and gents; How I adore each and every one of you.
My Mumma; you’re too good to me, and I love you dearly.
Piercings and Ink; I really want my nose done . And industrial .
Ohh , and finish off my robin piece !
My life in general; everything’s running smooth and silky . Love .

[via grrraphic]

[via  earlymourning]

[via lovefoxxx ]

This is basically the same tattoo that I have on my back , though I only have the one [ basically the exactly same as the one on the right]. So, I’m hoping to extend on it some how , though still deciding . If any of your are artists , or have some good idea’s to help me out , please speak up (: I’d appreciate it greatly .

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