Good Morning World .

Ten things I would like to accomplish in the near future . .

1. Get started with this diet I’ve been meaning to go on for ,well . .
for far too long . .

2. Gym membership – even just to get off my ass and actually walk
for once in my life .

3. Piercings – I would like to get my nose done sometime soon .
As well as industrial . (I’ve been putting these off for too long as well )

4. New hair would be nice . .

5. Start looking for this van – then I’ll be one step closer to start traveling ,
and all set for Falls .

6. Stop stressing ! I need to relax . . To not let such petty things upset me . .

7. Be more helpful for Mum ( I take her for granted some days . . )

8. Get rid of the people who are dragging me down . .

9. Be happy !

10. I really don’t know what else . .


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