Big City Life .

I crashed my car on Wednesday night . “Prang” might be the better word for it . Crappy and miserable Tasmanian weather , as well as darkness and my lack of observation , I reversed into a man’s car . Pretty sure the most horrific experience I’ve been in , in quite some time . It wasn’t very serious . No damage to my car . A dent in his back door . So will be paid for soon , and will finally be able to stop stressing a bit . .

The last week has been a horrible one . Divorce , car troubles , arguments , conflict and miserable weather . . It’s just not my week .

Laura and I are heading to Burnie tomorrow for a bit of a catch up and chilled day . Hopefully getting our noses done after we vote as well . Something for myself to look forward to . I have a mighty big weekend ahead of myself . Viewed a Rendezvous in Sulpher Creek last night , have my own tonight [perhaps] at Mark and Jarrod’s , another one to view tomorrow night , then off to Zeehan on Sunday for their Shopping Expo .

I need some time away to catch up on some well needed rest . .


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