I’m so glad I’ve found you . .

I’m eating a really scrumptious lamb souvlaki that I bought from the Bizzie Bee . It’s quite nom .

It’s exactly ten days until my birthday . Another year older . I guess nineteen won’t be so bad . . Nothing will change .  And it’s also nineteen days until mine and Eliot’s joint party ! And the best thing about this ; Katy , Joe , Brendan , Tullen , and everyone who doesn’t live close by , are traveling back home to come along . This makes me extremely happy , and extremely grateful .

I’ve decided at late that , a) I really don’t want to be a consultant anymore . It’s just not for me . I don’t like the idea of having to push people ito having Rendevous and buying our products just so I can make money . . It’s not right ; and b) I really need to control my moods . . I can’t keep going how I am . I never used to be like this though ?


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