I’m rather glad I’m not an alcoholic .

Friday evening was fairly enjoyable , catching up with the girls and seeing some of the old fellas , with last night being enjoyable also .

Saturday’s day plans fell through , like always . Was hoping to make it to Launceston to the Show , but people suck some days . Went out for tea later in the night with Miss Alex Birtill , which was fantastic , and I thoroughly enjoyed myself .

Then was the mish to Josh’s for a short while with Benjamin and Eliot , and saw a fair few familiar faces which was nice . I wasn’t in much of a sociable mood unfortunately , mainly chilled on the couch with a cigarette and my good friends Mario , Peach and Bowser .

Though on the way to Josh’s , I became quite flattered . I stopped off at the Caltex Petrol Station in Ulverstone , and the young lady asked me , ” Do you dress like that normally ? ‘Cause I’d really like to take some photo’s of you for my Alternative Folio ” . I was pretty shocked to be honest . Not the type of questions I’ve been asked before . . And made me feel , I don’t know , flattered is the only word that I can really think of .

Anyways , coming back home was a much different story than being at Josh’s . Ben stayed at El’s house with us , and we stayed up for the majority of the night and early morning playing darts , making Pokemon sounds , seshing the DS and the boy’s happily finished off a bottle of stolen Babushka Vodka and half a bottle of Jan’s expensive whiskey . And somehow , being drunk is an okay excuse for driving my car into some rocks ? Ha .

I’m rather glad I’m not an alcoholic .

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