What a beautiful day . .

Monday morning was the day of the shoot , and I had no idea what I was doing . But I had Cassie for support , and Zara was a good laugh so made me relax a bit . And the shots turned out pretty swell as well . Fair to say you guys should look her up on Facebook , Miss Z Photography .
http://www.facebook.com/misszphotography . I’ll upload some photos soon .

Today was such a beautiful day , spent with my much loved girls . Theresa , Nicole and I heading to Burnie for a bit of a picnic , which resulting in just a healthy Subway feast at a beautiful park near Nicole’s house . We had our lunch and got physical with a walk around the duck pond . . the quite large , duck pond . And who ever knew there’s outdoor gym equipment ? If it wasn’t so . . open ? I’d actually go there more often . And for the amazing surroundings and gorgeous little ducklings and swans .

I had a bit of a meditation session this afternoon too . Made me feel so refreshed and calm .
Might do it more often .

I think I might start this diet and nicotene patches tomorrow . .

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