Woah . .

I really am shit with keeping up with my blog . . even more so with keeping up with the goings-on in my life , heh .

The last couple of weeks have been pretty tough , it’s such an intense feeling knowing you ain’t here Luke . But you’re funeral was absolutely beautiful . God , I miss you’re cheeky grin .

Was great to be able to spend the rest of that day with the rest of the Hungries Crew . We were all there for each other – and that’s a beautiful thing .

Something a little more cheerful , perhaps ? Well , job hunting is a major fail . Pretty over not getting any calls back . But ! This Christmas has been such an amazing time ; spend with my wonderful family through the day , and the evening with my dear boy and his relatives . Nanna still calls me Karla >_< kinda cute though .

I have second degree burn from getting sun burnt from fishing the other day – kinda hilarious if you think about it . I now have quite red hair and regrowth . My tragus is infected I think . I bought Mumma an adorable long haired Chihuahua for Christmas – called Toby . I now realize that I put heaps of effort into wrapping peoples gifts , and get a massive thrill from the wrapping and giving . I thought I killed my phone from water , but it’s in perfect working order now . I’m hook on the $1 clearance sale of Mother Shot’s from BP in Ulverstone . I’ve only just realized how close New Years Eve is – and I have no plans what so ever . I really want to start designing my own t-shirts . I’m madly in love with Flogging Molly at the moment . And last of all , for my close friends . . when the day comes , when I take my final breath . . I would very much love for you to play “If I Ever Leave This World Alive” by Flogging Molly at my funeral . It would actually mean the world to me .

That is all .
For now .

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