There’s a gig in our shed right now , but you probably dont care about that .

I enjoy listening to the boys jam . Get’s me in the mood for a sweet punk gig , or a marvelous music or arts festival . I wish I could sing . . *sigh* .

So far , this year has been fairly good to me . Uh , I can’t really remember what I have done ? But , I know it has been fantastic . You’ll just have to believe me on that one . It’s mainly comprised of heavy socializing , Launceston trip to see some wicked bands playing at The Hub , chilled says with my lover , and just a lot of job hunting and dreading appointments with Salvo Employment , Centrelink and my Orthodontist . . ehh .

Though , I’ve been inspired to shave off some of my hair due to Eliot’s new moehawk – brutal punk like -, as well as contemplating some new piercings . And I’ve also got a small dose of inspiration back for taking photos again . I found a couple of desposable camera the other week that I bought forever ago , and used up the majority of the film at Ben’s on New Years . Most are just crappy , but a couple of Eliot made me smile – with his baby face and long hair . I’ve actually forgotten what he looks like with hair . .

I applied at Toy World today – who knows what will happen there – and I also visited Nicole and had a good ol’ catch up .

I don’t like the fact that I haven’t been able t catch up with old friends that I have been doing with the new . I feel like a shit person .


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