Here and there..

I suppose I should catch up on the past weeks events, ay? Hm, don’t really know where to begin though..

I might just start off with that I went and had an interview last week with Premium Fresh. And today, I had my induction – with a bit of a chit chat, filling in forms and a tour of the factory. So guess what guys – Kara finally has a job! Start on Wednesday hopefully. I just wanna get straight into it and start earning some $$$! (:

Saturday night I headed to Launceston with Nicole, Kathy and Theresa for Nicole’s 21st. The usual shopping was enjoyed, as well as getting in some pre-drinks before hitting the town. Launceston really isn’t my scene though. Well, the whole “clubbing” scene ain’t for me. Though I still had a blast. Can’t complain really, apart from achy feet and being paranoid about being followed on my solo walk back to the hotel. I even closed the bathroom window?!

Oh, and today is mine and El’s ten month. Maybe not exciting for you, but definately for me! And we celebrated by eating out (:


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2 responses to “Here and there..

  1. Excellent news re job, really happy for you! Good luck and have fun, especially when the dollars roll in.

    • thank you so much! although, unfortunately i dont have “strong enough leg muscles” for the job. which makes me sad. but i guess i still have my whole life ahead of me and theres plenty more fish ocean :D l

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