Tonight’s thoughts..

I’m in a bit of a ranting mood right now. Just got back from a decent night out with some mates, but now that everything has slowed down, I’ve become a little fired up. Just about people. I don’t understand anything right now. People can be so self-centred and soooo disrespectful – to both themselves and others.

Last night, I saw the aftermath of an elderly man who was jumped by a bunch of low life kids in Ulverstone. It was probably one of the worst sights I have ever seen. You could notice how badly shaken up he was.. how scared he was. His whole face covered in blood; his whole body quivering.. It was such a horrible sight. But how can people do something so inhumane? So sickening? And kids..?! What the hell has happened to the world. It’s kids like that, that make all youths look bad.

And again with the cheating and lying and backstabbing.. what is going on in your heads people?! You pour your heart and soul into loving someone so much, and to just throw it all away. And for what? What did you seriously gain? People who do that don’t deserve a whole lot.. [extreme, yes.]

So basically what my whole rant is about, is that I don’t see how or why people can be so insensitve and disrespectful to those around them; friends, lovers or stranges. We live in a world with such hatred. It disappoints me.


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