Second thoughts..

I thought that having a full-time job would have me set. That it’s one of the best things to have happened.. But I’m starting to disagree with that now. It’s been only two days, and it’s already making me stressed, agitated, depressed.. It’s like my brain is set to “work” 24/7 because it’s all I seem to worry about now. That, and not being able to spend as much time with El as I’d like or that I’m used to. I admit, I do love my job. It’s a fantastic job. And I’m so lucky to have been given the opportunity. I just never realized how demanding it would be. I can’t even turn my brain off when I’m at lunch or when it’s the end of the day – I just continue to worry about the rest of my work load I have to do after I get back. I better be prepared by Tax Time.. otherwise I’m screwed..

I just want to snuggle for day and days and only have the light peering through the cracks between my face and Eliot’s chest..


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2 responses to “Second thoughts..

  1. Exercise, clear you brain. Try and do something after work each day. Takes a while to adjust but think of the $$

  2. Very true. I’ve been told to do positive talking to myself, to help me relax and carry on with the work load with ease. I seems logical, so hopefully when I put it into practice tomorrow, I should fly through the day without panicing every ten minutes :D thank you!

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