Day Three.

Okay, okay. So I’ve been going over board I’d say. Well, yes, the last two days have been incredably stressful and I’ve wanted to just give up on it all.. But today was a lot better. Still somewhat stressful, but I think I’m getting into the swing of things. I’m still getting completely muddled up with some of the tasks, but it’s slowly coming to me. The work load remains the same – very hectic and such – but I’m trying to ask for more help before I fry my brain.

Jan told me to try talking to myself – in a not so nutty way. She recommened saying positive things to myself.. ” It’s all okay. I’m going to get through this. I’m going to get it all done. I’m okay”. So tomorrow I’ll put this into practice. It seems quite logicial, because all I ever do is work myself up. I hate being a perfectionist. Heck, it’s only day three after all.

To end my day off, I finished work a bit over five minutes late because I muddled up some of the mailing, and the post office lady took awhile to process all the packages and letters. I bought myself a Red Bull for a bit of extra energy, and a pack of smokes to help me relax a little more. I’ve been rather good lately with my daily cigarette intake: one before work, one on break, and two or three after work. So much better than near twelve or more a day. I’m proud of myself. Then on my way home, my car over-heated.. Surprise, surprise.. But it’s surprising to see how many people actually drive by and stare as your there standing over your car looking worried and confused. Thankfully one gentlemen pulled up to see if I was okay and to see to the car. Eliot and Leigh came along shortly after with a heap of water.

My car is a horrid thing. I want rid of it, now! Anyone keen on a trade? Please… ?


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