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Here and there..

I suppose I should catch up on the past weeks events, ay? Hm, don’t really know where to begin though..

I might just start off with that I went and had an interview last week with Premium Fresh. And today, I had my induction – with a bit of a chit chat, filling in forms and a tour of the factory. So guess what guys – Kara finally has a job! Start on Wednesday hopefully. I just wanna get straight into it and start earning some $$$! (:

Saturday night I headed to Launceston with Nicole, Kathy and Theresa for Nicole’s 21st. The usual shopping was enjoyed, as well as getting in some pre-drinks before hitting the town. Launceston really isn’t my scene though. Well, the whole “clubbing” scene ain’t for me. Though I still had a blast. Can’t complain really, apart from achy feet and being paranoid about being followed on my solo walk back to the hotel. I even closed the bathroom window?!

Oh, and today is mine and El’s ten month. Maybe not exciting for you, but definately for me! And we celebrated by eating out (:



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I picked up an elderly gentlemen this morning.

He was wanting to travel from Forth into Devonport, and I couldn’t leave him standing on the edge of the road holding his tiny little hand out.

He had a good sense of humor, and was a fairly wise man as well; telling Eliot and myself little stories about his life, current events and so forth. His presence really lifted my spirits this morning.

I hope to meet him again one day and exchange little tales.

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What the sea wants, the sea shall recieve..

So, I went a little crazy with my Ebay account and just bought six nose rings; stupid or what? Though, I am getting a clear stud amongst them, so it’s pretty handy for if I get a job which requires me to take it out..

Last night was pretty enjoyable, first having a lovely dinner in Burnie for Nicole’s 21st, then back over the Ulverstone for Jess’ 18th where everyone was looking mighty fine in their togas!

I just pussied out of playing the rest of a game of pool with El ’cause I kept missing every time. I’m a sore loser tonight..

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I’ve been hooked on this website all morning! It’s a site where you can upload or view different DIY creations; and I swear to God I’m in love! Has given me an extra boost of inspiration and creativity. Hoping to try a few of the ideas out :)

Shirt to dress top.
[via selena ]

Patchwork Jeans.
[ via stacie.g ]

Tank/T-shirt to dress.
[ via carlyjcais ]


Cardi with bow.
[ via monika d. ]

Added collar.
[ via  idia. ]



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Floral and lace..

Thing’s I need to do:

  • Buy more red hair dye – its fading a ridiculous amount, and I’m having horribe regrowth problems
  • Double check my e-mail address is working properly – still waiting on THREE which are veryyy important
  • Chill out – I still keep getting way too stressed out
  • Start my diet again – need to go in to Tony Fergason and Weight Watchers to work out which is best for me
  • EXERCISEEEE! – on a regular basis
  • Stop using the computer so much and be productive with my free time – like EXERCISINGGGG!
  • See my beloved friends more often.

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Be inspired! ♥

So I’m think that with this week, seeings I’ll be spending most of my time back at home, I might to something productive with my time.

Sure, I’ll be hunting and applying for every job I lay my eyes on, but I’m thinking I might create some new clothes for myself. Cassie and I might be hitting up the op shops around Ulverstone and Devonport, so hopefully I’ll find some bits and bobs to go crazy with. I’ll try and make a trip to Spotlight as well and pick up some lace and other fabrics and materials.

This sudden burst of inspiration, as well as the news about the SES, has really lifted my spirits. I’m not going to get myself down in the dumps for petty reasons like I’d normally do. It’s time to grow up, and enjoy my amazing life!

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My future is starting to unfold..

I recieved a call from Michelle at the Burnie Headquarters for SES Tasmania, and she explained how I should be recieving a phone call from the Unit Manager of the Mersey Unit. So in that case, I should be starting training in thew coming weeks. This is probably the best news I’ve had for a while. That, and Eliot now has a job too. I wish I found it that easy to find a job..

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